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Southshore Community

Aurora, CO

project description

ESCO was contracted by Southshore Metropolitan District No. 1, to perform erosion control and grading at Southshore Phases 1, 2, and 3. The project included extensive overlot and sub-excavation on the 244-acre site located in Aurora, CO. Highlights of the work included 8,000+ feet hauls, major pond construction, and hard ground conditions. Several embankment areas exceeded 70 vertical feet, which required the strategic sourcing of sand fills beneath large fill areas. ESCO also helped with engineering the site grades in order to balance the offsite-haul-off of this large project. By studying the shrink and swell characteristics of the claystone and sandstone materials on an ongoing and continual basis, ESCO was able to successfully eliminate all offsite trucking at completion creating value for the client. With such large quantities, the schedule demands on this project required multiple operations working concurrently. A highlight of the equipment used to build this exciting project included: A Caterpillar 390D 90-ton excavator loading up to eight 40-ton articulating of-road trucks and a mixture of many Caterpillar 627 and 637 scrapers. The overall scope was to move 5,300,000 cubic yards of excavation and place it as controlled fill. A large portion of the project averaged productions of 18,000 cubic yards per day.


Southshore Metro District No. 1

EStimated Contract



October 2018

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