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Smith Creek Crossing & River Run Resort Sanitary Lift Station

Granby, CO

project description

ESCO was contracted to perform the construction of a 3-MGD lift station that would service both Smith Creek Crossing and River Run Ranch, a 460-acre RV and Villa Housing Resort located in Granby, CO. This project was a significant and essential early contract that was required to develop a working sewage treatment facility to support the resort. ESCO completed a 3-Million Gallon Per Day Sewage Lift Station in just five short months. Work was performed in some of the most challenging high-altitude sub-zero winter weather conditions. The lift station required a shored excavation of nearly 40 feet in depth including 8 feet of solid rock removal. A deep well dewatering system was required to allow crews to work safely in a dry condition. Installation of wet well, 2 overflow surge tanks, gravity and pressurized mechanical piping, electrical, SCADA systems, odor control system, and all site restoration and site development structures were also constructed by ESCO forces.


Sun Enterprises

EStimated Contract



November 2020

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