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Northwater Treatment Plant

Golden, CO

project description

ESCO was contracted to perform the earthwork, utility demolition and foundation drains at Denver Water’s Northwater Treatment plant. Earthwork operations included 225,000 CY of overlot grading, 121,000 CY of building over-excavation, 60,000 CY of granular material processing and backfill, and installation of 17,000 tons of imported drainage material. ESCO was also responsible for stormwater management and the installation of a dewatering system to maintain dry excavations. Demolition work included removal of 54” RCP, 42” RCP, 6” to 24” DIP, and communication and electric lines. Underdrain installation included 6” slotted and solid pipe ranging from 5 to 30 feet in depth. Grading activities included finish grading of the site, as well as installation of access roads and crane pads, finished with class 6 road base. From a constructability standpoint, this project presented the unique challenge of working within a Denver Water restricted site. This meant that all ESCO employees and subcontractors had to go through security background checks and access the site through a security checkpoint. All equipment had to be outfitted with a GPS telematics system to monitor activities on site. ESCO was responsible for developing the over-excavation model for the structures. ESCO worked closely with Kiewit and other contractors on-site to maintain a tight schedule and reach key milestones.


Denver Water/ Kiewit

EStimated Contract



October 2020

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