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Mirabelle Phase 2/3

Highlands Ranch, CO

project description

ESCO began the Mirabelle Phase 2 project in March 2018 for the Centennial Water and Sanitation District in Highlands Ranch, CO. The project highlights included over 1,600 LF of Auger-bored 24” Steel casing beneath a BNSF railroad, Highway 85, and a Union Pacific Railroad. Additionally, the High Line Canal was excavated in order to install 140 LF of steel casings for future use. Concrete cutoff walls were formed and poured in place at the various steel casing so as to prevent water infiltration. Upon completion of the auger bores and casing installation in Phase 2, ESCO began Phase 3 of this project which included over 500LF of 8” PVC, 9,800 LF of 10” PVC, 4,300’ of 16” PVC Sanitary Force main. Phase 3 of the Mirabelle project also included over 2,500 LF of directional boring beneath the Plum Creek. Upon completion of the bore, 2,500 LF of 16” fusible HDPE was pulled through the bore and secured via concrete anchor walls on each end. ESCO completed the cathodic protection on this complex project as well as coordinating with various stakeholders including BNSF, UPR, CDOT, and others.


Centennial Water & Sanitation District

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July 2018

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