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GK Lateral & Silt Pump Canal Pipelines

Delta/Silt, CO

project description

The GK Lateral and Silt Pump Canal Pipelines project was completed for the Bureau of Land Reclamation between Delta and Silt, CO. Major highlights of this project include 6,076 LF of 36” PVC, 3,933 LF of 48” PVC, 10,400 LF backfill abandoned lateral, 90” Manhole Structure, and 54” Slide Gates. The GK Lateral project began late October 2017 shortly after the canal water supply was turned off to allow for construction without the extensive use of dewatering. Existing spoils from the previous excavation of the ditch were utilized as backfill material along with saturated soil in the canal for optimum compaction. This process was performed in 1’ lifts and compacted along the entire alignment of the existing ditch. Since the pipeline was to be laid in various portions of the existing canal alignment, backfill was necessary to safely excavate for pipe installation. ESCO began the installation of the 36” PVC on the east end of the project working west 6,076 LF to the 90” Manhole and 24” lateral. At this point the pipeline upsized from 36” to 48” PVC leading to the intake. Heading further west 3,933 LF, 48” PVC was laid through a farm field and followed an existing ditch road until reaching the intake structure off the main canal. ESCO’s project team efficiently executed and completed the GK Lateral Pipeline two months ahead of schedule, along with an additional 1,150 LF of 36” PVC that was designed to go around an existing swamp unsuitable for construction.


U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

EStimated Contract



February 2018

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