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Evergreen Lake Dredging

Evergreen, CO

project description

During the Colorado floods in 2013, the Upper Bear Creek Basin deposited approximately 65,000 cys of sediment into Evergreen Lake. In 2016, the Evergreen Metropolitan District contracted ESCO Construction to dredge 12,000 cys of the deposited sediment from the lake to increase the volume of water. ESCO dredged the sediment material up to 25 feet deep. Utilizing a CAT 325 excavator outfitted with a 60-foot long reach stick, ESCO operated on a 30 x 80-foot Flexifloat sectional barge. A 400 horsepower tugboat maneuvered the barge to the shore and back in order to offload the sediment in trucks and dispose offsite. A 700 x 20-foot turbidity curtain enclosed the perimeter of the operation to keep the suspended sediment from entering the water system. At completion, the turbidity curtain was left in place for one week to allow the sediment to settle out. ESCO’s innovative approach, along with the cooperative, common-sense mentality of the entire team, resulted in a quality project completed under challenging circumstances within budget and ahead of schedule.


Evergreen Metro District

EStimated Contract



August 2016

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